Empathy. No matter the client or the project, it's the one, crucial element that defines my work as a copywriter.

Your prospects are human. They have fears and desires like the rest of us. They don't want to be sold to or treated like another number. I dig deeply into your brand and your audience to see what emotions you can connect with.

In the process, I write some kickass copy that converts your prospects. From PPC/display ads to web copy through to your marketing collateral, empathy is the 'secret ingredient' that helps my clients grow.

I don't write:

  • SEO copy

  • Direct mail

  • Technical copy

  • Cheap content

  • Anything shady

I write:

  • Landing pages

  • Web pages

  • FB/PPC ads

  • Slogans & branding

  • Marketing materials


Content churner. Serial deadline-misser. Cowboy. These are common types in the world of freelancing, but they're not me. I act as an extension of your full-time team, digging deeply into your brand, your services, and your customers minds. In the process, you get copy that increases your conversions and new ideas and insights from me that you'd never have considered.


While I specialise in SaaS products, I typically take on any project that interests me. If you're passionate about what you do and your product or service is filling a vital gap in peoples’ lives, I'm here to help you get heard.

what the hell am i doing?

Scotland. Spain. Colombia. Berlin. I'm currently slow travelling (very slowly – I spent 18 months in Granada, Spain!). Being exposed to new cultures, people, languages and experiences keeps me fresh. If you'd like to meet for a coffee, I'll check Skyscanner.

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Enough Eyecandy. Here's something to do...