I specialise in writing high-conversion copy for the web.

Here's what I can bring to the table:



Landing pages are my niche. They're also the meat and potatoes of your marketing strategy. I write copy that focuses on one thing - converting your visitors into prospects and customers.  

I examine your entire sales funnel and ensure your landing page seamlessly fits in with the right tone, messaging, and compelling offers to win over the right people and make your campaign a success.

What you get:

  • Concise, compelling sales copy

  • Sales funnel advice & consulting

  • A landing page design mockup

  • Three rounds of in-depth edits

  • (Optional) Wireframing

Tobias delivers. It’s that simple. He wrote exceptional sales copy for my landing page and helped us raise our click-through-rate by more than 25%. We went from spending over $120 per lead down to <$40 consistently. He was in contact with me almost every day, which left me reassured. If you need “kickass copy,” as his website puts it, then Tobias is your man. I look forward to working with him again.
— Trevor, Stamegna Retail

Web Copy

What you say and how you say it can make or break your business online. I write web copy that informs, engages and, importantly, connects with your target audience.

No stone is left unturned. Deep customer and industry research reveals the insights I need to write copy that'll increase your conversions, position you as an industry leader, and grow your business.

What you get:

  • Web copy tailored to your audience

  • Brand consultation & advice

  • SEO, industry & customer research

  • Three rounds of in-depth edits

  • (Optional) Wireframing

Tobias is a very talented content writer. He fully understood all our requirements and provided us with some great copy for our site. He was very easy to work with, quick in response and the final outcome was much more that we ever hoped for. His tone of voice and extensive vocabulary fitted perfectly with our brief. As far as content writing goes, he’s our number one choice! Highly recommend him.
— Oliver, Full Bundle

PPC/Display Ads

Whether the character limit is 35 or 90, each word needs to be carefully chosen to make your ad campaign a success. I write punchy, attention-grabbing copy that'll be the difference between a successful campaign and wasted ad dollars.

Who's your ideal target demographic? What's your most powerful lead magnet? What kind of ad campaign are you running? These are some of the questions that'll result in high-conversion ad copy to draw in qualified, quality leads to your sales funnel.

What you get:

  • Targeted, action-oriented ad copy

  • Three unique ad copy variations

  • Sales funnel analysis & integration

  • Visual advice (images & video)

  • (Optional) Mockups

Tobias has done an amazing job for my project. He took a real interest in it, and that isn’t something you find in a lot of content creators. He asks great questions and adheres 100% of the time to all deadlines set. I will be hiring him for his services again shortly. If you are looking for a quality ad copywriter, look no further. He doesn’t charge enough for the content he produces, and he always delivers on time.
— Chase, Winston Oglov

Other Services

Need help with an email campaign? Perhaps you need compelling brochure copy? Help with branding or product descriptions? Depending on the project, I'd be willing to help.

I have experience writing copy for a range of applications - including all of the above. No matter the project, I always research thoroughly and write carefully-crafted, branded copy to help communicate your business's USPs effectively and win over more customers.

I can also help with:

  • Product descriptions

  • Branding & slogans

  • Marketing materials & brochures

  • Email campaigns

Interested in growing your business with my copy?